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M1 MacBook Air, iPhone 13 Pro…What do I own from Apple? Product Collection!

I own an M1 MacBook Air, the iPhone 13 Pro, and AirPods now! This is a review of my collection of Apple products from over 15 YEARS since the time I started collecting! It includes iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Macs, MacBooks, Apple Watches, iPhone cases, Apple TV, accessories, and more! 

I like to focus on the best in Apple news, rumors, and reviews. I love Apple products and I have plenty on hand in order to bring reviews to you, the viewers! I cover new and old Apple products in this video that I have collected for over 15 years. If you see a product you like, the link to purchase is below. I have also linked my other Apple Product collection videos below.

Leave me your comments below on what you thought of this video so I can improve and grow my channel. Thanks!

All Products Shown in this Video and All Products I Recommend - My Amazon Influencer Page⬇️


My Collection of Apple iPhones - The Evolution:

My Collection of Apple Products (Summer 2017):

My Collection of Apple Products (February 2016):

My Collection of Apple Products (June 2013):

My Collection of Apple Products (May 2012):

My Collection of Apple Products (March 2011):

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