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New Macbook Pros Released

New Macbook Pros were released this week by Apple. Despite the fact that they look exactly the same as the previous generation, what is different about them? First off, the biggest change is found in the computer processors, which are now core 2.4 and 2.6 i5 and core i7. These are dual core processors, however, they can handle a lot more work, and are 50% faster than the previous generations. I have yet to play around with them, but based upon apple's previous ipod touch, it is likely this is true.

Second off is graphics. The macbook pro's now contain a new graphics chip, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, which is said to handle everything better than before. This will likely increase gaming performance.

Thirdly, battery life. The battery life for the 13 inch macbook pro is said to last 10 hours, while the 15 and 17 inch have 8-9 hours. This is similar to the ipad battery, and it is much greater than the previous versions.

If you would like to purchase one such computer, link is below. Thanks for reading.

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