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IPhone vs. Android

Being that my phone contract is about to expire, I am really split between the droid and iPhone operating system. Hopefully the iPhone comes to verison eventually, but the droid has so much more customization and just as many apps, so it is hard to decide. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.
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  1. I would highly recommend you to Android. As you have mentioned, Android is more customizable which is true. Also, Android allows more functionality that you just can't find in iPhone. Even iPhone 4.0 does not have what the Android 2.2 has to offer such as Internet tethering and portable hotspot which is something that other mobile phones just don't have.

    Also Android keeps updating their operating system and they keep coming out with new features. Also, the processor on most Android powered devices is faster and brings more performance then iPhone. Besides, what can be worse the AT&T? I'd recommend you try out Sprint with the HTC Evo which is a 4G phone with HTMI output, a true multimedia phone or the Nexus one for T-Mobile or the Droid Incredible for Verizon Wireless. I'd recommend the HTC Evo with Sprint, but if Sprint is not your choice of service then T-Mobile with Nexus One. The last choice is obviously Verizon Wireless. Mainly it's because Verizon does not provide unlimited texting.

    So please, take a chance and go towards Google Android. You will not be disappointed as many former iPhone users such as myself am not disappointed with Google's operating system.

  2. Also as I forgot to mention, the Google Marketplace (The app store for Android) has a lot of apps and the apps the have are pretty good. Android, however is not into the gaming platform at least not now, but Android will soon take role in gaming.