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Mac vs. PC Series 1

A long standing debate that has been going on for a while now is the idea of the Mac vs. the PC. I personally own both types of computers and I wanted to offer a little insight as to my thoughts on this topic.

First off, the Apple Macintosh. Many Apple Fanboys will claim "Oh I use a mac because they are just better, faster, and more reliable". While I myself do believe that a portion of this is true, there are other reasons why people do buy macs. I personally bought mine because I was looking for a change from a pc, and so far, I have found it incredible. It is so much faster than my old pc, and I have never had any problems with it. This being said however, my old pc did only have 1.6 ghz processor, and 512 ram, so any pc would be faster than it.

What about the PC? My pc was also very reliable, and I loved using it. When it came to customization and gaming, I could count on my pc to always be there for me and never have any issues with either one of these topics. However, I did have to repair it from viruses every once and a while. However, My PC did run as fast or faster than a macintosh, and I really did like the fact that I could basically buy two of them for the price of one mac.

So which one is truly better? I think it depends on your personal needs as a technology user. If you are into everyday tasks, such as browsing the web, using iTunes, and writing documents, I think that a mac would be the way to go. They are better at almost everything except gaming. However, if you want to game, or you need something that has any program known to man, I would go with a pc. Also, if you want to switch up your design of your computer, use a PC. I have built PC's that look way cooler than my Mac.

This was part one of this series guys. Visit back for part 2.

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