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iPhone 3g is Out of Stock...

According to BoyGeniusReport, At&t is officially out of stock of the iPhone 3g. A memo was sent out to all of its employees today, explaining the following:

      "June 4, 2010
      iPhone 3G 8 GB is Out of Stock
      Effective immediately, iPhone 3G 8GB is Out of Stock. Please refer all customers to iPhone 3GS 16 GB and 32 GB models.
      Q: When will we receive inventory for iPhone 3G 8GB?
      A: At this time, we do not know when more iPhone 3G 8GB will arrive.
      Q: Are there any iPhone 3G 8 GB available in COR if my customer can purchase there?
      A: Check with your local COR stores to see if they have any inventory available."

The memo seems to be aimed at authorized resellers of the iPhone 3g, and it explains to them that they must check in their local stores to see if there is any stock of the phone left.

The iPhone 4g is likely to be released next week at the WWDC, and the price of the iPhone 3gs may take the spot of the 3g at walmart, which recently stepped the price down to $97. Stay tuned for news on the release of the iPhone 4g.

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