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How To Get Flash Player on iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone on All Firmwares

If you guys saw my previous post/video, you know that I wrote and spoke about Comex's next project, codenamed "Frash". In this project, he is working to bring Adobe Flash Player to the Apple devices, something that they currently lack. Although his method requires some hacking and coding, it really is the only way to get full flash on the Devices. However, his guide has not yet been released. As a temporary fix, there is an app in the App Store that allows you to do just this--view flash content on your device! The app is called "Cloud Browse" and the link is below. For a review/tutorial, check out the video below. The app is quite fast, and it features flash which is great. Although not a good browser for long-time use, this is a great alternative just for the times that it is absolutely necessary for the use of Flash on your device. Check out our youtube channel for more information, link below as well. Enjoy.

Cloud Browse Download:
Our Youtube Channel:

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