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iPod to get a camera, but only a rear facing one?

A rear facing 3.2 mega-pixel camera similar to the one on the iPhone 3GS may be coming to the next generation of iPod, instead of the 5 mega-pixel camera on the iPhone 4 that faces both front and back. Amid rumors that the two 5 mega-pixel cameras will be on the next generation iPod, a viable source claims that it just won't happen, and will be replaced by the single, rear facing camera. Logistically speaking however, neither is currently possible as the 5 mega-pixel camera simply won't fit into the current iPod casing, but because of the tapered design of the iPod even the 5mm camera in the 3GS won't fit. Yet, Apple has prototypes of the current generation of iPods with camera's in them, which only fit because those iPods were actually a little larger than the ones that are being sold (images below). Whether Apple decides to change the design of the iPod to be more similar to the box-y iPhone 4, won't be known until more images arise or until the iPod is released.

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