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what happened to the posts?

Well, we USED to have another writer on here who had done some posts for us, since we were busy, but he decided to delete all his posts and leave. Why? Well, he had wanted us to rig the contest so he could be the winner of the iPod touch. Quite frankly, we don't do that sort of stuff. The contest was designed for our subscribers, as a thank you for getting us this far. He also wanted to get more out of this, ie getting paid a lot. In other words, he was impatient. He had been on this blog for less than a month, and in that time we really didn't make much money. We still haven't either, most of out expenses are out of our pockets for now. So, knowing that, we need someone who is willing to make posts on a REGULAR basis and will stick with the site for a while. You will get payed, but not until we start making money. If you are interested, send me an email at

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