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Sony with their PSP makes fun of the apple apps and iphone.

Sony makes fun of apples apps and their iphone. I think its funny. What do you think?

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  1. Cesar Battistini MazieroAugust 18, 2010

    he iphone has better games than the ones shown on the PSP and they are cheaper than the 10 dollar price tag

    And i don't think that having another device ( a huge one) just for games and movies, is NOT a big boy thing.

    iPhone all the way

  2. I have a iPod touch
    I don't have a PSP
    PSP has better games
    iPod touch has more
    PSP games are $10.00
    iPod touch games are usually $0.99/free
    PSP games are bigger to download
    iPod touch games are smaller
    PSP has better graphics are better
    iPod touch graphics are not as good
    Mod nation racers (First game on the PSP shown) I suspect would own most if not all iPod touch games.
    PSP doesn't have tilt.
    iPod touch does.
    PSP doesn't have touch screen.
    iPod touch does.
    PSP can't call your girl and text your grandma.
    iPod touch can't.
    iPhone can do everything iPod touch can
    Rumored PSP (from game informer magazine):
    Has touch sensitive control panel on it's backside (for what I don't know)
    they are teamed up with android so will be a android-based smartphone phone.
    So you can call your girl and text your grandma on that too!

    Best games: PSP
    Variety of games: iPod touch
    Unique game play: iPod touch
    Cheapest: iPod touch
    Smallest to download: iPod touch
    Best Quality games: PSP
    Calling your girl and texting your grandma: iPhone
    Overall: You decide

    P.S Please tell me if I am wrong with any of these facts.

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