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Update on new ipod nano/shuffle

Here is a picture of the rumored Ipod nano. I personally think this might be the new iPod shuffle. but we will have to see. But this is going to be sick either way.

Mockup of next-generation iPod nano - almost certainly a speculative design concept

One of the new case leaks offers enough detail that you can begin to guess at some of the physical features of the next-generation iPod nano or shuffle. A long slot on the edge of case certainly appears to be designed to accommodate Apple's dock connector, which has been claimed to be included on the new device. An elongated hole on the opposite edge likely represents an on/off or hold switch like on several previous and current iPod models.

Speculative identification of next-generation iPod nano physical features

The remaining three holes visible on the claimed iPod nano case are less obvious in their functionality, but one (possibly the one next to the dock connector) is certain to be a headphone jack. The remaining pair of holes in close proximity along the opposite edge could accommodate physical volume buttons similar to those found on the iPhone 4, although that conclusion is the most speculative of the identifications.

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