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Parallels Desktop 6 has been released!

The next version of Parallel Desktop has been with remote access for all devices that run on iOS, which includes the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad. This new release has many new features as described on their WebSite, some of which include an improved gaming environment, an easier set up and enhanced performance.

It actually runs great, it won't slow up your Mac much and will feel just like Windows 7

Even the box looks nice

Packaged with all of this, comes with the ability to download the free Application from the app store, which is called Parallel Mobile. It will let you:
Parallels Mobile lets you:

* access any virtual machine running in Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac
* use any Windows application in your virtual machine, from Internet Explorer to Outlook
* remotely start, stop and reset virtual machines
* stay connected via WiFi or 3G networks
* access your Windows applications from anywhere over the Internet
* optimize for either speed or graphics performance.

It will set you back $79.99 if you download over the internet, $49.99 if you are just upgrading and $99.99 if you buy a hard copy.

Mr. J. Appleseed has a lot of operating systems.

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  1. I do not recommend Parallels. The product fails in to major ways - 1) All the features do not work as intended. I have had problems with the coherence mode which the support team cannot fix. Also, upgrading to a new release does not work. You have to completely uninstall and reinstall the product to get the new release. 2) Support is a disaster. I tried to have them fix the coherence issue and it took over 10 tries and was never resolved! I finally gave up when they wanted me to remove the mac from with windows operating system!!! Not only that, you would write in to get some help and someone would send you a suggestion. When that did not work, I would write them back and would get someone totally different working on my issue and they would have to review it and then they would ask me to do the same thing that the previous tech support would ask me to do. Tech support is in India. Lastly, I bought a windows to mac Parallels product which cost me $100 at the Apple store. Approximately 7 days after I purchased my product they came out with a new version and I missed the cutoff for automatic upgrade by just a few days and they would not give me the new release free of charge even though their current version was not working for me. I was pretty upset that missing their deadline by a few days and my product wasn't working upper level support still would not give me the product that might work for me. I do not recommend you buy Parallels and go through what I did!