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3D may come to the next Macs

1 - cover - virtual input device - apple sept 2010

Today, according to Patently Apple, the 
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published Apple's patent, which describes a input device that works in both 2D and 3D.  The description is a bit confusing, so here is how Patently Apple describes it:
"The technology will somehow allow you to project an input device into the display of the unit that could then be used instead of the physical input device. For instance, a physical touchpad could be created virtually on your display and then used as you would your physical trackpad."
This sort of a interaction could require a touch pad, or an upgrade to the Magic Trackpad, and could vastly benefit games and change how they are played.  However, there has been no evidence that Apple has any released any information to developers about this change, so any games will be delayed until after release.  That is as of now though, we shall keep you posted if any more information is released about it.
2 A - revolutionary os x feature in the makinig - job opening at Apple july 30, 2010

So basically, the point of this patent is to change how users can cycle through windows and move through the screen.  It is almost certain we will see more patents describing more features of this in the future, so check back to keep updated
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Read the full article on Patently Apple:
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