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Costco will no longer sell iPods

Costco has never been allowed to sell iPads and with the recent surge of massive iPad sales, they must have bee feeling left out, because iLounge reports that they will now discontinue selling iPods.  Costco has only been able to watch as giant competitors such as Target, Walmart, and Sam's Club are all massively benefiting from the sales of Apple's iPad.  iLounge had this to say about this:
"Membership club Costco, the third-largest retailer in the U.S., is preparing to cease carrying iPods, according to an iLounge source who asked not to be identified. Based on the report, which notes that iPods have already disappeared from the company's web site, Costco will stop carrying the iPod after being unable to stock the iPad..."
 The current iPods in stock will sell out and be the last iPods sold.  No official statement from Costco has been released at this time.

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