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iPad Coming to Verizon?!

Later this month, Apple is set to partner for the first time with Verizon in allowing the company to sell the iPad. On October 28th, Verizon Wireless will begin selling the iPad, along with a mi-fi wireless modem in order to use the device on the Verizon 3g Network. The reason for this is because the iPad is not made for CDMA carriers, and it needs a seperate mi-fi to get connected. However, this is still shocking that Apple is finally partnering with Verizon! The iPad is said to be the same price that it is sold for at At&t with a 3G connectivity plan. Also, At&t will begin selling the iPad at all of its local retail stores as well as Apple stores. This is all great news, but it leads to the everlasting rumor of a Verizon iPhone coming sometime in the near future. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have both made serious claims saying the device will be available in January 2011, and this iPad move seems to supplement that prediction. Only time will tell.

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