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Verizon iPhone 4 Coming January 11th? And iPad 2 February 3rd?

Multiple sources are now saying that the iPhone 4 will be announced for Verizon on January 11th, as well as that the iPad 2 Will be revealed on February 3rd. Much speculation has been surrounding this hype, and just yesterday, the Wall Street Journal said that they have extremely strong insight that these devices will be released on these dates. We are almost certain that the iPad 2 will be coming anyway, so there is no speculation there, but the Verizon iPhone 4 is still uncertain; however, one reader has pointed out that Verizon Wireless is now offering "iOS" as an option for a smartphone operating system on their website. This may still just be due to the current iPad located at Verizon Wireless, but we never know-this could be hinting at something. Stay tuned next week for a full review of what is released at this date!

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  1. Hey Jimbo do you have any news about the Untethered Jailbreak 4.2 ! I want jailbreak my new apple TV to put it the ATV Flash software but I need to jailbreak it first !!!!!

  2. They haven't released it as of yet, unfortunately. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Follow me on Twitter for Up to date coverage of the jailbreak!