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Oh Apple, Apple, Apple...Why Do you have to patch the iPad 2 Jailbreak...

Much buzz has been going around about the iPad 2 Jailbreak, and if you have watched my previous video, you know that Apple has patched the previous jailbreaks that worked on previous firmwares and devices, making them unusable for the iPad 2 as of right now. However, the iPhone Chronic Dev Team is hard at work, and they have actually jailbroken the device already, as you can see in the picture to the right. However, to ensure that the jailbreak works smoothly for us, they are waiting for a public release of 4.3.1 most likely, so Apple does not patch this jailbreak. It seems as though every time a new jailbreak is released, Apple patches it right away, making it unusable, or playing a "cat-mouse" game. I wish there was just a jailbreak that worked forever. Until then, this method works for me I guess, but I am getting tired of waiting. Anyway, be sure to bookmark and check back for more updates on the jailbreak, as well as subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where I will post a how-to-jailbreak video when it is released.

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