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Geohot Working for Facebook: Something Big in the Works? Could be...Mobile Updates?

Recent news has finally confirmed that Geohot is working for Facebook, which the company actually confirmed themselves. Geohot, for those who don't actually know, is the original Jailbreaker and Unlocker of the iPhone, and he is also more recently known for hacking the PS3. Both of these endeavors left him famous in the headlines of many news websites for a long time. Now, he returns on the scene just as Mark Zuckerberg confirms there is "Something Big" coming for Facebook in the near future. Many people are speculating this has something to do with Geohot, however, no one knows for sure what the "Something Big" actually is or who is involved with it. Rumors have stated it is probably going to be in the mobile aspect of Facebook, with Geohot heavily involved. Check out the video below for more details! 

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