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iOS 5 Hidden Features Rundown: What Apple Didn't Tell You

Apple has a way of hyping up many features of every iOS that they release, every iPod they release, and even every computer they release. However, often times, they don't tell you about certain features that are included in these OS's, iPod's, or Computers that are rather useful and truly add to the glamor of them. Not surprisingly, Apple has done this in its new iOS 5. Rather than telling the general public about certain features that were included in the Operating System, they left them secret. That's where I come in. In the video below, I show you some of the useful hidden features that Apple didn't tell you were included in iOS 5. Check it out! For more real-time tech updates, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel (link below), Follow me on Twitter (link below), like me on facebook, and bookmark this site!

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