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iOS 5 Lets You Use Your Device while Syncing! (Finally!)

I am very happy to see that a lot of the features that I previously jailbroke my iDevices for are finally being directly integrated into the iOS Operating System itself. One such feature is demoed in my video below. Essentially, up to this point with Apple iDevices, users could never use their devices while they were syncing the devices with their computer's iTunes Library, and they always had to wait until the sync was finished to use their device. Now, Apple has finally changed this in their iOS 5 Firmware. Instead of having to wait until the sync is completely finished to use their device, users can now access all of the features of their device and fully use it while the device is syncing! Check out the video below for a demo! I know this is a great feature, and a lot of people are going to like this. I myself am pumped.

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