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iPad 3 Rumors, New Macbook Pro/Air, Video Schedule

Hey everyone! Hopefully you've been keeping up to date with the world of Apple, but if you haven't, I have a few good announcements for you that I'm sure will keep you happy! First off, this week, I have a break from my schoolwork for a week until the 11th of March, so I'm going to be uploading a bunch of new videos for you guys to enjoy, such as my final iPad 3 Rumor Roundup this weekend, iPad 3 Event Overview next week, new macbook pro/air rumors, iPad 3 Reviews, etc, and I think it will keep you busy for a while! In terms of a video schedule, I am planning on uploading one new video probably every day, so just stick around to my youtube channel, twitter, facebook, google plus, and site to always know when I have uploaded them. So stay tuned, sit back, relax, and hopefully you'll enjoy the content I put up over the next coming week!

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