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Apple iPhone 5 Event on Sep. 12! (2012)

Hey Everyone! So I know a lot of you, including myself, have been waiting a very long time this summer wondering what the iPhone 5 will be like, waiting for it to get released! Well guess what?! It is about to be revealed at the Apple iPhone 5 Event next week, taking place on September 12th, 2012! Below, I have uploaded a video for you guys to check out, explaining what is going on with Apple, and what you can expect to be released at the conference. As always, be sure to stick around and subscribe because I will be updating you on what is released next week as soon as that comes around! Stay tuned, and thanks for the visit! Enjoy the video!

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  1. I'm getting so psyched about it, but I am wondering, aside from the easy network access, what else they could possibly add?!

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