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iPad Mini: No Retina Display? Should you buy it?

Earlier this week, on October 23rd, Apple released their new iPad Mini! However, to many people's dismay, it seemed as though Apple only updated the internal specs and made the iPad smaller, and they also did not include a retina display on the device! Both the iPad 3 and the new iPad 4 have a retina display, and the iPad Mini does not?! What? People have been asking me about this, and I decided to make a video about my thoughts on it. It is below, and it is short and simple. Check it out! I am curious to see if this is a big enough factor to make people not buy the iPad Mini and just go for the regular iPad even though it is more expensive. Check out my thoughts on the iPad Mini in the video below! I will be doing reviews on these products that were released this week, including the iPad Mini, so be sure to stick around and subscribe to my Youtube channel! Leave your comments below, thanks!

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