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iPad Mini: Release Date / Design Mockups / Rumors! (October 2012)

Hello Everyone, many rumors have been swirling this weekend in the world of Apple technology. Most of the hype, as some of you many know, has been coming from the rumored release of the iPad Mini! Apple released "the New iPad" in the spring of 2012 (aka the iPad 3), but they are also rumored to be releasing a new iPad Mini this month, October, 2012. This new iPad Mini will have a smaller screen, be lighter weight, and may even have a new updated processor, according to multiple new rumors. For full information, check out the video below! I give you my thoughts.

Update: After receiving more information, I DO think this will be released, so disregard what I originally said in the video, and expect an October release! 

For more content, or updates on the iPad Mini, be sure to stay tuned! Thanks!

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