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Remembering Steve Jobs 2012: Apple's Founder (1955-2011)

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to make a post about remembering Steve Jobs this year, 2012, who was Apple's Founder and really pulled them out of the darkness as a major company. Today, October 5, 2012, marks the one year anniversary of Steve's passing after a hard fought battle with cancer. I just wanted to take a few moments to say how much I respect Steve, how much I want him to be remembered, and how we can remember him always and push his legacy further into the future through Apple. I know I will always remember Steve, and you should too. I made a video, which can be found below, that truly sums up my feelings about Steve Jobs to this day. Check it out-- it will make this post make more sense. Anyway, RIP Steve you will always be remembered. Be sure to stay tuned for more content, and be sure to subscribe, rate thumbs up, and favorite this video. I feel like this is the best way we can remember Steve into the future! Thanks for the support for Steve!

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