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How To Get Microsoft Office on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (2012)

Hey everyone! So for today's weekly video (as I upload videos every Friday), I have a great topic that I'm sure will help many of you be productive on your iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches because an app has been released that will allow you to get Microsoft Office on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch! Yes, that's right, in the video below, I teach you how you can use this app to get Microsoft Office on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch! The method is very easy, no hacking is required, just an app store app, and to top it all off, the app is free! Check it out, and enjoy guys. The real office is coming in the spring, but this is very good for now, so hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I do. For more content and weekly videos, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and bookmark this site! Thanks!

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  1. Great news for all IOS users! This app is definitely a must have especially for those that need to create and edit documents on the go. After trying this, I was surprised that it can also make PowerPoint presentations. The best thing about this is that its free.

  2. Docs to go is sufficient enough. It would be redundant if you both have this app and docs to go. They have the same features and functionality. This would be a case of branding.