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How To Increase Your Internet Speed for Free (Namebench - DNS Program)

So first off, Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! I hope you all have a good holiday, and enjoy tonight and tomorrow with those closest to you. Anyway, I have a pretty handy video for you guys today, and I think many of you are going to love this. Basically, I have made a video for you guys telling you how to increase your internet speed for free by up to 50%, or in other words, how to almost double your internet speed or internet connection for free! The way this works is through a program called Namebench, which is free from Google, and the program searches the web for the fastest DNS servers in your area, and allows you to use these to increase your internet speed. It even tells you how much faster your internet connection speed can be! There are some issues with OSX Mountain Lion, so if it does not work for you, just leave a comment or message me and I will help you out. Thanks, and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and bookmark this site for more weekly content! Enjoy!

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