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Sony Playstation 4 Details Revealed: Event Recap!

Hello Readers of The Macintosh Review! If you've been following my site for a while, then you know that I made a video and a post about the Sony Playstation 4 event a few weeks ago, and what to expect with the device. Well, the rumors were true, and yesterday, Sony Revealed many details of their Playstation 4 console, and let me tell you, in general, it sounds great. In the video below, I detail for you the many PS4 features discussed at the conference for you, and I let you know what to expect when the device is actually released- all through giving a recap of the PS4 event. It seems as though Sony is really trying to compete with Microsoft and the upcoming XBox 720 release. Anyway, enjoy, and stick around for more content on the PS4, Apple, and other technology! For more updates, you know what to do - subscribe to my youtube channel (danglekingpc), and bookmark this site!

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