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iOS 7 Beta 2 Hidden Features Rundown! (New Features/Bug Fixes)

In the video below, I go over some of the hidden features of Apple's new iOS 7 Beta 2 that I have discovered in the past few days from playing around with the 2nd beta on my iPhone 5! Simple but Awesome! Beta 2 is much less buggy and has some great new features! I recommend downloading this update when you can, as long as you have installed iOS 7 legally so you do not brick your device! It is definitely worth it, as iOS 7 Beta 2 fixed many of the bugs I was having, and it also brought a version of iOS 7 for iPad and iPad Mini! Enjoy! For more content on iOS 7 and the Apple WWDC 2013, be sure to rate thumbs up, favorite, subscribe to my channels in the sidebar, bookmark this site, and follow my social networks in the sidebars! Thanks!

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iOS 7 Beta 2 can be downloaded from Apple's Developer Portal or Over-the-Air. Google it!
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