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iPhone 6 / 5S Display Leaked in High Quality Photos (BGR)

Matching earlier rumors, the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S Display has been leaked, along with its display assembly from Apple! Today, BGR and Fanatic Fone showed comparisons between the new display and assembly of the iPhone 6 and 5S vs. the iPhone 5. More details will be released soon, but it is good to see that new features may be included with the display, like a fingerprint reader. I can't wait to see what they will include on the new iPhone! The video below has more details. Enjoy the video below and share it, and be sure to rate thumbs up, favorite, and subscribe for more content, as well as bookmark this site, and follow my vlogs and social networks in the sidebar of this site! Thanks! Stay tuned for more on the iPhone 6, 5S, and Apple itself!

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