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Apple Self-Driving Car: Confirmed!

Anyone interested in self-driving cars? Today it has been confirmed that Apple is building a new self-driving car! The Apple Car is officially in testing stages of production and is going to be tested at GoMentum Station in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay). This information comes from The Guardian, a reliable news source that speaks about many different topics including technology. The Car's release date and features are still to be determined. I am very excited about this and think that self-driving cars have huge potential in the future. If Apple is to produce a car like this and make it popular, it could drastically change not only the way that we drive, but also the way that we know everyday life. I will keep all of you updated with the general features that are coming with this device as they are released, but for now, I am just excited to hear that Apple will be producing such an automobile, let alone, one that self-drives!

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