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Is Apple No Longer Innovating?

The argument has been made many times in the past year or so that Apple is not longer innovative. People say that Apple no longer has the spark or the great ideas that it used to have, and they are quick to dismiss Apple, saying that it has lost its revolutionary, competitive, innovative edge. Apple now competes with companies like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and many others, and the public seems to view these competitors as the new creative companies on the block, presenting many new ideas and innovations to disrupt the current economic markets in place. However, Apple is seemingly viewed as lacking new ideas by these same people. Has Apple really lost its innovation? Is it no longer innovating? To me, to make such a statement is really a shallow action to partake in. I don't think Apple has lost its innovative edge, but rather, I think its future has a chance of being rather bright. Apple needs to find the right market to break into, and once it finds this market, it will definitely create a hit product and be successful. Watch the video below for my full opinion! If you have any comments or thoughts, feel free to comment anywhere on my social networks. Let me know. To me, Apple is far from decline.

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