Today, Samsung revealed the specs of their latest two Galaxy Lineup Phones, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I decided to check out these phones, and they definitely look very solid and worth looking into as an everyday smartphone. The Galaxy Lineup from Samsung has always packed a punch, and this time is no different. I decided to make a first look video specifically regarding the Galaxy Note 5 as I have a special interest in the idea of a "Phablet". The Note 5 is Samsung's competitor for the iPhone 6 Plus, and I think it is definitely worthy of attention. In the video below, you'll find my first look at the specs and features of the newly revealed Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I also run through my thoughts and initial impressions of the device. Although the Galaxy Note 5 was revealed alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, I particularly like the Note 5 as the Note Series is the "Phablet" concept I mentioned earlier. I can't wait to play around with this device when it is released.

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