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Apple WatchOS 2: Hands On Review with Features!

For anyone who bought the Apple Watch like me, you know how eagerly we have been awaiting the new Apple watchOS 2 release from Apple. Not only is downloading a new update fun and exciting, but the watchOS 2 update includes some awesome new features that drastically change the way that the watch can be used! Some of these features include the long awaited native app support (that's right, you can now run apps natively on the Apple Watch, including third party apps with access to the complete hardware in the watch), new time-lapse mode, new watch faces with better complication customization, transit directions right on your wrist, better Siri, better Apple Pay, and more! As of yesterday, all of this has been released to the public. In the video below, I do a hands on review of the WatchOS 2 and many of these new features, so hopefully you can get a feel for how they work by watching the video. I like the Apple watchOS 2 a ton, and I'm extremely excited to see what third party apps can bring to the scene moving forward. More to come, stick around.

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