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Jailbreak Updates: iOS 9, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro

With every new firmware that is released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, people ask the question: when is the new jailbreak going to be released? This week, Apple made iOS 9 available to the public, and as usual, many users including myself are curious as to when a jailbreak will be released for this new iOS firmware. Not only has the new iOS 9 been released, but Apple also just announced the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro a few days ago, and undoubtedly, these are eventually going to be jailbroken as well. Jailbreaking allows for the installation of unapproved apps, themes, games, tweaks, and more on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, so really, I can't see its popularity going away any time soon - I think there will always be a demand for it. That being said, for those wondering how to jailbreak iOS 9 or their new iPhone or iPad, below I have an update video which will fill you in on the iOS 9 Jailbreak Status. The video is aimed around jailbreaking iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, and my iOS 9 Jailbreak tutorial will be up soon. If this helps you guys out, stick around for more, as I'll update you when the full jailbreak is released! We can only hope that the jailbreak is around soon and Apple won't patch it.

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