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The Best Hidden Features of the iPhone 6s!

Now that the iPhone 6s has been released, I'm sure that most of you know about its main features, such as 3D Touch, better cameras with 4K video, better Touch ID, and the works. However, many people don't know that there are hidden features of the iPhone 6s that Apple didn't make so prominent during their release of the device! In the video below, I do a rundown and hands on review of the best hidden features of the iPhone 6s. I have the iPhone 6s in Space Gray with 64GB on Verizon Wireless. All of these hidden features are not only pretty cool, but they are rather useful, and most people should know about them -- hence, why I made the video. I'll be doing more on these features soon and making videos whenever I discover new hidden features, so be sure to keep up with my posts. Happy hidden features for all.

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