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Touch ID on iPhone 6s: Blazing Fast!

For those of you who like short and sweet updates, I've got one for you. The iPhone 6s has a great Touch ID fingerprint reader included with it, and not only is it incredibly fast, but it works better with moist fingers, blowing the iPhone 6 out of the water with both the improved speed, hardware, and usability. Below you will find a hands on review of Touch ID on the iPhone 6s. Compared to the iPhone 6, Touch ID on the iPhone 6s is definitely blazing fast! iPhone 6s wins this one. I will be doing more reviews on the iPhone 6s versus the iPhone 6, but I wanted to get the review of Touch ID out there for you all. In my experience, this was one of the best updates I noticed when first playing around with the new iPhone 6s, and I think it makes the use of the iPhone much more efficient. Let me know what you think!

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