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iOS 9.3 Best Features!

Well, it's almost here - the big day of the spring Apple Event. This year the event falls on a Monday, March 21st, and one of the big releases we are expecting is iOS 9.3. This new version of iOS has been a part of the Apple Beta iOS program earlier this year, so we have gotten an idea of what many of the new features may be in the final release. We have also heard many different rumors regarding iOS 9.3 and what it may include. I know that I'm always pretty pumped whenever a new version of iOS is released, so to make it easier for everybody, I've created a video to go through the best features of the new mobile operating system. This can be found below, and some of the features include Night Shift, improved notes, improved health apps, and more. Hope this helps, and tomorrow cannot come soon enough. I will be doing a review on the final release, so stick around for any new updates.

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