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iPhone 7: Everything We Know

The iPhone SE is going to be revealed this month and the iPhone 7 will follow later this year. With both of these releases, people are eagerly anticipating what features and new designs will be coming their way. Leaks and rumors have been popping up like crazy, and as always, we just don't know exactly which are true and which are just plain absurd. To help ease this confusion, I've compiled many of these rumors into a video. I actually think many of these features and design changes are relatively reasonable and most likely will be included in the next-gen iPhone that we are eagerly anticipating. Below you'll find the video regarding all the leaks, rumors, and features of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone SE. This video includes many rumors, including dual cameras, no headphone jack, iOS 10, and more. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what this new iPhone will include, and stick around for more updates. I'm just as excited as you are, so I'll keep you updated!

No Headphone Jack Video here:
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