I've been downloading a bunch of new jailbreak tweaks and apps lately for my iPhone and have been trying to see which ones I like the best. I definitely have to say that the tweaks and hacks that are especially cool are the ones that allow me to use newer functionality on an older device. I know you all seemed to enjoy my 3D touch video where I describe how to download 3D touch to older iPhones,  iPads, and iPod Touches, so I decided to do something similar with Live Photos! Although it is not a brand new tweak, there is a tweak that allows you to add live photos to older iPhones or devices like the iPhone 5s, and this is a simple easy tweak that I recommend downloading if you have an older device - its simply brings you up to speed with the latest software features. The guide for this is in the attached video, and this works on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. I hope you all like it, and stick around for more tweaks videos - coming soon!

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Music: Soar composed/produced by Noisy Oyster provided by freesoundtrackmusic.com.

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