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Top 5 WORST Features of the iPhone 7!

The new iPhone 7 is set to release in September of this year, and as always, the hype is real. Based on all of the rumors, there are supposed to be many changes from the iPhone 6s, including a dual camera, new bluetooth headphones and removal of the headphone jack, iOS 10, and more. Although many people are looking forward to this device (myself included), not everything about the new device is a positive change. I know that when the time comes, I'm going to get many questions about whether or not the iPhone 7 is worth it, whether or not you should buy the iPhone 7, and whether or not my iPhone 7 review confirms these beliefs later this year. Well, I decided to get started early, and below you will find my new video answering the question: What are the worst features of the iPhone 7? Check it out - if you have any other features that seem questionable or any comments at all, leave them below. The iPhone 7 is sure to be a popular device and I'm sure I will like it - just wanted to point out some initial rumors that have me a little shaky on the device for now.

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