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How to Get iOS 10 Beta Right Now for Free: No Computer!

Ahh, another iOS 10 post - it feels great to post another. I've had iOS 10 installed for 3 days now, and I've really enjoyed the new features. I've been pleasantly surprised, and honestly, the beta of iOS 10 is actually better than I expected in some ways. The battery life seems to be the same as it was on iOS 9.3.2, lasting just as long, and although the new version of iOS can be slow at times, I really was expecting it to be a lot buggier, so I'm pretty relieved! I know many of you are itching to try out iOS 10 on your own devices, and having researched a bit, I've found there is a way that you can install the operating system without being a developer, right now, absolutely free! In fact, you do not even need a computer to install the iOS 10 update! In my video below, I detail the easiest way to install iOS 10 beta early, right now, for free, no developer account or computer required. As usual, this works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and is super easy and really cool. I will warn that although iOS 10 has some cool new features, it still is buggy and Apple may patch this method before the public beta is released, so be cautious and back up your device just in case - install at your own risk. iOS 10 is coming in the fall of 2016, with a public beta in July.

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