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iOS 10: The Best Features Apple Didn't Tell You About

I've had iOS 10 installed on my device for about a full day and a half now, and I always am interested in finding any new feature in these new operating systems - even if it's something as simple as a tweak to animations. Well, in this day and a half, I'm happy to say that although Apple showed off 10 of their favorite iOS 10 features at their WWDC keynote this week, there are far more that they didn't show off, some bigger than others, but all packing a punch. In the video below, you will find my hands on review of some of the best hidden features in iOS 10 that Apple didn't tell you about. These are some of my favorite new features, although they weren't demoed by Apple initially, and I can't wait to see what else comes my way in using this software. iOS 10 is currently in beta release and will be made public this fall of 2016 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, but definitely stick around in the meantime for any updates on the software until then! iOS 10 should be a good one.

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