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iOS 10 Beta 2 Hands On Review: New Features and Bug Fixes!

Well everyone, it's here! I know that we all have eagerly been awaiting the release of iOS 10 Beta 2, and today, Apple released the second beta of its new iOS 10 firmware to developers. I've only had the beta for a few hours, but as usual, I decided to post regarding my initial thoughts for you guys. In the video below, you'll be able to see my hands on review of the new iOS 10 Beta 2 with many of its best new features and bug fixes. There aren't a huge amount of new features unfortunately, but some of the cooler items include messages updates and app store access, organ donor sign ups from the health app, cleaner 3D Touch functionality, and UI and speed improvements. I have definitely noticed less bugs than in beta 1, but we are still far from the final release. I expect the public beta to be released sometime in July alongside Beta 3. Have you downloaded iOS 10 Beta 2? What do you think? As usual, I'll keep you posted with new updates, so stick around.

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