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AWESOME Pokemon Go Hack! Pokemon Map, Joystick, Tap to Walk!

Now that iOS 9.3.3 has been jailbroken, we can enjoy all of the hacks, mods, and tweaks that Cydia has to offer, and some of those awesome hacks of course involve Pokemon Go! I've made a few posts about Pokemon Go, specifically detailing how to install hacks and mods in the game, and you all seemed to like those so much that I decided to make another video on how to hack Pokemon Go. You'll find my new video below. In this guide, I specifically focus on an awesome hack that can be installed from Cydia called Poke++, and I have to say, this is definitely my favorite hack for the game to date. Although you need to be jailbroken, I definitely think this is the ultimate hack as it includes a Pokemon map to see exactly where Pokemon are around you, location spoofing, a joystick to move around, tapping to walk, and more. I definitley think it can be awesome to play without leaving your house at times. Watch the tutorial below for an install guide and enjoy!

Poke++ source:

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