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iOS 10 Release Date & Features: Coming September 6th! (Review)

Following my iPhone 7 release date post, I wanted to answer the questions that many of you have also been asking regarding iOS 10. Based on all of the rumors, I'm happy to announce that iOS 10 seems to have a confirmed release date of September 6th at Apple’s iPhone 7 Event! iOS 10 has been available in beta form all summer, and seems very smooth and stable. I'm pretty pumped up for this release, and Apple has really included a bunch of new, helpful features in this new version of iOS. iOS 10 features a redesigned lock screen, interactive notifications, enhanced messages, new widgets, deletion of stock apps, and more! Check out the video below for full information. Sit tight, we'll have the new release of iOS 10 in just about two weeks time. Can't wait!

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