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iPhone 7 Review: Apple’s Best iPhone Yet?

So I've had the iPhone 7 now for two weeks, and as promised, I thought it was a great time to do my full review of the device. Now largely speaking, I really do love the device, and compared to my previous generation iPhones or compared to Samsung Galaxy devices, I think Apple nailed the essential core functions of the smartphone experience with the iPhone 7 - improving them without changing the core experience. Not only is the performance of the device incredibly satisfying and very fluid, but Apple made it a focus to pack the best camera, the best version of iOS with iOS 10, and a much improved speaker system into a gorgeous water resistant design - made even better with new colors, jet black and matte black. All this being said, there are a few negatives that I have experienced that definitely aren't ideal. Below you'll find my in-depth, hands on review of the Apple iPhone 7. Is it really Apple’s best iPhone yet? That's for you to decide. I cover the pros and cons of the device related to new features, performance, speed, camera quality, water resistance, iOS 10, home button usage, jet black design, and more. I'll continue to use the device, and you can bet I'll post future reviews here, so stay tuned.

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