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A Video Can Crash Any iPhone: How? Virus? Explained!

A 5 second video can crash, freeze, and temporarily brick any iPhone! But how? By watching this video, does your iPhone download a virus? How do you fix your iPhone after this video crash or prank? How does this glitch actually crash your iPhone? What is a memory leak? I've been asked all of these questions over the past couple of days, so I figured I would make an explanation Q&A video to answer many of them, which you can find below. For those who haven't heard, there is another iPhone "virus" crash going around the internet, and this one occurs when you watch a video on your iPhone - no matter how old your iPhone is at the moment. If you are curious how this glitch works, how you can fix it, and what is actually going on with your phone after attempting it, check out the video below, and stay tuned for more glitch and bug updates for iOS!

Video Link (CRASH):
Alternate Video Link (CRASH):

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