Do you want to play Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color games on iOS 10.2? Sounds great! As I've been hearing a good deal about the new GBA4iOS emulator on iOS 10.2, I was feeling pretty nostalgic about the original iPod Touch jailbreak days and decided to make another video on iOS emulators. Here you'll find my guide to install the new GBA4iOS emulator on iOS 10.2 without jailbreaking using iEmulators, a jailbreak app alternative to Cydia, on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This works on iOS 10.2 and below and it is definitely a very solid emulator. Not only does it bring back all the fun of the old iPod Touch emulators, but the performance is astoundingly better. Be sure to download and enjoy - it definitely brought back memories.

GBA4iOS Link:

"Chillin Hard" Kevin MacLeod (
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