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iOS 10.3 Beta 2 Review - Whats New & Jailbreak Apps!

Today, Apple released iOS 10.3 Beta 2 to developers! As with all of the iOS 10 updates, I've enjoyed actually downloading and seeing how it performs, this time on my iPhone 6. Here, you'll find my review of what’s new along with the new features of the latest iOS 10.3 Beta. I also discuss the latest Cydia Jailbreak Apps, installation methods, and how they work on iOS 10.3. Some of the main features introduced here include Find my AirPods, Updated Apple ID Settings, Apple File System, and more. iOS 10.3 works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. As more betas are released, I'm excited to see if more features will come, and I will definitely keep the reviews updated here at The Macintosh Review. Hopefully one of these days we will see a beta introducing dark mode, or Theatre Mode, to iOS.

Zestia App Installation Video:
Tweakbox App Installation Video:
iOS 10.3 Beta 1 - Hands on Review with New Features!

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