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iPhone 8 Design & Features - Leaks and Rumors!

The iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, or iPhone X will be released later this year, marking the iPhone’s tenth anniversary! There is a lot of hype surrounding the iPhone 8 release, and many rumors have been surfacing, detailing the iPhone 8 design, features, price, and release date. To roundup up the latest, below you will find my discussion on the TrendForce iPhone 8 design and features leaks and rumors as of earlier this week. The iPhone 8 will feature an AMOLED Edge-to-Edge Display, a function area home button, iOS 11, and more. Not only will this be a great device, but it is expected to beat the iPhone 7 sales record, which is absolutely insane. September can't come soon enough! I can't wait to see what Apple has in store.

TrendForce Research Link (iPhone 8):

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